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Translation Languages

Translation Words is a team of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters devoted to deliver superior French, Arabic, English, and Spanish translating and interpreting services to business community and to the public. Its founder, Nassima Ben Mechih, who had lived and worked in France for many years, is passionate about language and teaching and combines these passions to deliver the high quality translating and interpreting services that businesses value.

In addition to French language, she also translates to Arabic, English and Spanish. she got proficiency in these languages through long year’s studies. she received by the end relevant diplomas: a Master in Translation and Interpretation (French, Arabic and English), Master’s degree in applied foreign language (English - Arabic), and an advanced training in Spanish.


personal experience rests on three main principles:


  • Translation & Interpretation: French<>Arabic Translator and Interpreter at CLISMA (Comité de Liaison Inter-services Migrants Auvergne), an organization that seek to improve immigrants conditions. A Translator and Interpreter at the French consular services.

  • Education:  French language teacher at the University of King Saoud in Riyad, and at the University of Djelfa- Algeria, but also at language International Institute, MLF school, and French Alliance, (al-Khobar- Saudi Arabia), then at Samha International School, in Demmam- Saudi Arabia. she had another experience as an Arabic language teacher at the Special languages Institute (ILS- Institut de Langue de Spécialité), Clermont-Ferrand-France.

  • Communication and International Relations: first as an intern Press Secretary at the “La Maison de Presse”- Alger- Algeria, and as an intern Diplomatic Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Alger- Algeria.

Nassima Ben Mechih
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